As part of the UK government’s commitment to closing the gender pay gap, all companies which employ more than 250 people will have to disclose their pay gap. They have until April 2018 to do this but several law firms have already submitted their figures.

We will use this page to keep track of the top 200 UK law firms (ranked by revenue by The Lawyer) who are required to release this data. Companies are required to report on their employees’ hourly rates, how many men and women fall into each quartile of pay, and on bonus pay. You can find the data for each company on the government’s gender pay gap reporting page.

The following statistics are based on the law firms that have so far disclosed their pay gap – these will be updated as more figures are released. A table of the figures for each law firm can be found below.

The average hourly rate for women is


LOWER than it is for men.

The average percentages of women in each quartile of law firms’ payrolls are:

  • Top 54.11%
  • Upper middle 64.9%
  • Lower middle 75.78%
  • Lower 74.67%
Gender pay gap by law firm

Data from Gender pay gap reporting.

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