We’ve had another successful year at Simply Law Jobs. This year we have seen:

  • Increase of relevant candidate registrations by 35,000 new registrations
  • 70.48% increase in the amount of jobs posted
  • Approximately 55,000 legal professional have visited the site per month

We’ve taken on board what you have to say and we are continuing to adapt and expand our operation to suit you. There have been some exciting product and service developments; our new CV database profile builder, a Managed service package and we have also taken measures to improve our candidate data in order to target relevant candidates, providing quality results. With these developments, we have maintained growth and driven more candidates to our site, and your jobs, than ever before.

As well as our new recruiter websites, offering you more products, brand and recruitment information, we have also developed downloadable product guides to ensure you have all the package information available before purchasing.

Our consistently competitive rankings for key terms on search engine results pages mean that we have dominated Google searches this year, ranking number one for many valuable keywords. This means that more candidates will see your jobs first, beating our competition and providing you with the views and applications to fill your job roles.

Over the last year we’ve been testing what makes jobseekers tick, and how it differs depending on the device they’re on. By changing small things like the size of the logo and apply buttons on mobile phones, the conversion rate of applications made on jobs increased by 8.1%, meaning even more applications across your jobs.

Check out our 2017 key stats:

Site visits: 668,000
Total applications: 109,888
Job views: 2,675,108
Most popular categories: Solicitors, Lawyers, Fee Earners, Paralegals & Associate jobs

2018 is set to be an even better year. We’re focussing on bringing more quality legal candidates to your roles through candidate email automation, more investment in our paid media and driving organic traffic with our industry-specific content. Brand new developments in our online packages, checkout and dashboard will mean it’s quicker and easier than ever to get your jobs live when you need them.

Want to know more about what we’re planning for the New Year or to discuss your recruitment options, give our dedicated team a call on 01772 913937.

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