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What it’s like to work as a serious fraud lawyer

Shahid, as a Director of DPP Business & Tax and DPP Law Ltd, is a specialist lawyer in Serious Fraud cases and over the years has acted for a number of high profile individuals in defending them against the most serious of high-value fraud charges and...

What is the Legal Practice Course (LPC)?

If your dream is to become an accomplished solicitor, you’ll need to tackle the unavoidable Legal Practice Course (LPC) once you’ve completed university. The LPC is a key element of vocational training to become a solicitor. It is an intense and costly route toward...

The Ultimate Job Hunting Guide for Solicitors

What are you looking for?

What are you looking for?

Flexible working

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Register now for the Artificial Intelligence in Legal Services Summit

This high-profile summit will be the official launch of the final report from the Technology and Law Commission’s investigation into the use of AI in the justice system, a collaborative programme which has drawn together insights from industry, academia, political science, civil society, law enforcement and regulators. 

 The conference will also examine in depth the wider impact of AI on the UK legal sector, including future skill requirements, how legal services will be delivered in the future, the implications for the current business models of legal practitioners and how AI may change the relationship between the providers of legal services and their clients as society adjusts to an AI-enabled world.