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Flexible hours and the legal profession

Flexible working within the legal sector has been a well covered topic within the industry, particularly over the last year or so. According to the Law Gazette, lawyers are the second most stressed professionals in the country, with work:life balance, or a...

Average salary for law professionals in 2019

The average salary for law professionals puts it as one of the top 5 best-paid positions in the UK. New statistics from the ONS show that the average salary (full-time, based on men and women) averages currently at £74,701 beating medical practitioners,...

Why is everyone watching webinars?

What benefits can webinars offer you for your career development?Webinars offer the very same advantages online classes do, namely the ability to reach dozens or hundreds of people all around the world, with additional advantages included as well. More...

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What are you looking for?

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