It’s hard to stay level headed when you are searching for a new opportunity. Sometimes, excitement comes before concern. When it boils down to it, there are a number of realistic factors that help you to identify if a potential role is the right fit.


Whether you are a law student who has just graduated (congratulations), or you are an experienced professional looking for your next challenge, your personal circumstances mean that different factors take precedence over others.


We surveyed 183 active jobseekers on our site, and asked them what was most important to them when looking for a new job.



of jobseekers say that salary is the most important factor



Out of the 200 surveyed, 38% of jobseekers in the legal industry said salary was the most important factor for a potential role.





of you said you would be willing to travel 5-30 miles for an attractive role


Location was a close second, taking 35% of the vote. When asked how far they would be willing to travel for a new job, 54% of you said that you would be willing to travel between 5-30 miles for a new role. 24% of jobseekers said they would be willing to relocate for the right opportunity.


Benefits (12%) and bonuses (5.1%) were further down the table of most attractive factors for a new role.


10.7% of jobseekers claimed that other factors were more important, such as a firm’s experience in the legal industry, career development, and how challenging the role is.




of jobseekers said that they searched for a new job daily


Jobseekers were also asked about how often they search for new jobs online.


47% said that they searched for a new job daily, while 26% searched 2-3 times a week. 15% said that they searched weekly.


When asked what their motivation for looking for a new job was, 34% of legal professionals said that they were looking for a new challenge, while 23% said they were looking for a role that would offer a better salary.


The overall figures help to outline which factors are most important to jobseekers within the legal industry.


What’s most important to you in a new role? We’d love to hear your thoughts in our comments section below:

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