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What questions should you expect in your paralegal job interview?

Interviewing is always difficult, regardless of the role, but for a paralegal job, things can be complex and confusing. This week Simply Law Jobs, alongside its partner Lawyer Monthly, hears from Rhiannon Cambrook-Woods, the Founder of Zest Recruitment,...

Addressing the myths about Paralegals

In the late 1980s the term ‘Paralegal’ had only been referred to in the context of U.S television shows about Courts and Attorneys. It had never been a term that we used in the UK.Arguably, The Paralegal Association (now referred to as the National...

5 jobs you didn’t know you could get as a legal professional

Professionals in the legal industry today have more career options open to them than ever before. The legal market has modernised and broadened, offering lawyers a variety of options beyond private practice.Alongside its partner Lawyer Monthly, Simply Law...

The Ultimate Job Hunting Guide for Solicitors

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What are you looking for?

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