Are you searching for a new job? We wouldn’t be surprised, since 79% of professionals in the legal industry told us they would be in 2019. 

We all know that a job search can be frustrating – but we do it for the end goal. To land the dream job we’ve always wanted.

While it is a great opportunity to transform your work life, searching for a new job is nothing short of lengthy. Bearing this in mind, we’ve put together the following guide for solicitors, our largest resource to date, to help you with your job search.

We want to ensure we’ve helped you during every step of your job search which is why we have combined a collection of our most popular resources for you to use as inspiration while you pursue your job seeking journey – with a few extra tips surrounding your interview, CV and cover letter.  

The Ultimate Job Hunting Guide for Solicitors includes the following sections which will help to push you in the right direction of finding your next big challenge: 



Everything you need to have ready before you begin your job search, including planning and organising your CV and cover letter.


Finding the perfect match 

Key tips on how to manage your job search, from planning it, to tracking it.


Searching for jobs

The best and simplest ways to search for jobs on a busy schedule.


Applying for jobs

Steps you should take while applying for jobs to guarantee your application is seen. 


Preparing for job interviews

How to answer the most common interview questions. Become a pro before you enter the room. We also provide a few tips you should be thinking about before you head to the interview.


Post interview tips

 Interviews and post interview tips, from following up, to how you should approach a multiple job offer dilemma.


Our guide includes everything you need to get started with your job search. All that’s left is for you to find your next opportunity.

Download the guide now:

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