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The 5 best ways to get started in law

The 5 best ways to get started in law

The law is not something we have to go actively looking for – it governs our daily lives. Thus, those interested in the subject can use a variety of tactics to become more familiar with it.In partnership with Lawyer Monthly, Simply Law Jobs hears from John...

What should I be including in my law graduate CV?

What should I be including in my law graduate CV?

It's graduate season and you're almost ready to walk out in to the world of work. But how do you demonstrate the skills and experience you've acquired to a prospective employer? If you're searching for your first professional position, you'll need a CV...

What is PQE?

What is PQE?

PQE stands for 'Post-Qualified Experience'. This is usually represented as years or half years for solicitors. It's also applicable to legal executives. E.g. If a solicitor was admitted to the Roll in England and Wales in September 2005, they would have 5 years PQE by...

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