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The life of a first-year law student

There is a big jump from school to university and many students approach their first year unsure of what to expect. We've spoken to a current first-year law student at Brunel University who has kindly shared some top tips for students looking to start...

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Applying for a trainee, paralegal, or other graduate position?  The Student Lawyer’s Training Contract Surgery is here to help.

CV and

cover letter reviews

£20 per document

Service includes initial

mark-up, follow-up call

and final review.

Vacation scheme/training contract application form reviews

£40 per document

Service includes an initial mark-up, a follow-up call, and a final review

Practice Interviews

£60 per interview

Service includes a one hour Skype interview with one of our qualified lawyers or legal

recruitment professionals.


Combination Package

£100 discount rate

Purchase the combination package, including a CV, cover letter and application form review, and a practice interview.

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