The very best lawyers can earn a salary easily in excess of £200,000 a year. However, as with any job, you can only expect a lucrative return from a career in law by proving your dedication and showing the enthusiasm to work long, unsociable hours.

During 2012 and at the start of 2013 salaries have remained fairly static in the law jobs market. Some firms have used bonus repayments as a means of retaining and attracting key players.


Average Salaries:

Legal Executive

Starting Salary: £18,000-£30,000

Average Salary: £28,035.81


Starting Salary: £20,000

Average Salary: £25,448.44 (Simply Law Jobs 2018 annual report)

Senior Salary: £45,000+


Starting Salary: £25,000 – £39,000

Average Salary: £48,854.14 (Simply Law Jobs 2018 annual report)

Senior Salary: £100,000 – £500,000+

Barrister’s Clerk

Starting Salary: £15,000

Average Salary: £30,000-£60,0000

Senior Salary: £70,000-£100,000


Starting Salary: £10,000-£30,000

Average Salary: £59,680.85 (Simply Law Jobs average salary)

Senior Salary: £100,000-£500,000 +

(Source: Industry estimates and data from Simply Law Jobs)


Overview of job prospects for lawyers

The recession forced many firms to freeze their recruitment programmes and lawyer hires were down during 2011. However, throughout the last few years, more vacancies have been coming onto the market, although employers are increasingly demanding niche sector specific experience. “As ever, candidates with the most effective interpersonal skills alongside technical prowess are the most sought-after,” says Yvonne Smyth, managing director of Hays Legal.

“Areas in demand include corporate, banking, litigation. More niche areas such as tax and pensions typically suffer from a shortage of candidates. Personal injury and insurance remains busy although firms have an eye on the Jackson reforms, and defendant insurance fraud solicitors remain in high demand. Employment law remains steady but has been quieter than at the height of the recession.”

As a rule of thumb, lawyers with 2-5 years post qualification experience (PQE) solicitors are most highly sought-after.


Trainee solicitor salary

The Law Society of England and Wales recommends that trainee solicitors earn a minimum salary of £18,590 in central London and £16,650 outside London. The data collected from our annual report in 2018 also told us that the average salary advertised for trainee solicitors in 2018 was £20,016.78.

In May 2012 the Solicitors Regulation Authority’s (SRA) made a decision to scrap the trainee solicitor minimum wage. From 2014 firms were no longer obliged to pay trainees a minimum salary above the national minimum wage.


Legal Salaries in the Public Sector

The overall public sector recruitment spend in the UK is being reduced from its previous £10 billion per year to around £8 billion per year in 2011-12, in order to reduce the public sector deficit. This is having an impact on public sector legal pay and law job prospects although the impact of cost saving exercises will vary in each of the main public bodies, and from region to region.

According to the Hays 2012 Legal Market Overview and Salary Guide almost half (46 per cent) of employers imposed universal pay freezes during the recession. While these are now slowly being lifted austerity measures will need to continue for the next few years, with for instance, NHS trusts possibly needing to collaborate by merging their HR, IT, legal, payroll or property function, and many government-funded building and development projects falling by the wayside.


Lawyer salary guide – Public Sector

Legal Assistant (Paralegal or ILEX) -£18-28,000 (London)£14-22,000 (Regions)

Assistant Solicitor (0-3 PQE) -£28-38,000 (London) £23-33,000 (Regions)

Solicitor (3-5 PQE) -£38-44,000 (London)£33-39,000 (Regions)

Principal Solicitor (5+PQE) -£44-55,000 (London)£38-42,000 (Regions)

Head of Department (5+PQE) -£50-65,000 (London)£40-55,000 (Regions)

Head of Legal (8+ PQE) -£55-85,000 (London)£45-75,000 (Regions)

Director of Legal (10+ PQE) -£65-100,000+ (London) £60-100,000+ (Regions)

(Source: Hays 2012 Legal Market Overview and Salary Guide)

If reading these lawyer salary statistics has furthered your interest in a career in this area, view legal vacancies on Simply Law Jobs.

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