If there’s one thing you can do to enhance your employability, it’s getting up to speed on LinkedIn.


Just starting out in your career? Perhaps you’ve got years of experience? Either way, it’s never too late to push your personal brand.


Why LinkedIn?

LinkedIn has fast become the platform for industry leaders to share their ideas and network with like-minded individuals. It has also become the hub for recruiters to search for suitable candidates, making it the ideal place to start pushing out your name if you’re looking for a new challenge.

Think about it this way – you have your CV, and your cover letter. You send these out individually to numerous companies, and look to follow up with them via email. LinkedIn has a lot of this covered for you. Your can demonstrate your skills on your profile, and include a summary of your role and experience. You can also activate a tool which allows recruiters to see that you are looking for work.

Although the old fashioned applying for a CV is still the best method (in our opinion), if you’re looking to move somewhere quickly, having a extra platform to talk to recruiters is always a bonus.


LinkedIn infographic


How should I use it?

So, you’ve created a LinkedIn profile, but you’re struggling to populate it. Need a bit of help?

With the help of our Social Media Executive, and CV experts, CV KnowHow, we have put together an all inclusive, effective guide about how to build your LinkedIn presence.

Our guide will help you build up your profile, and provide you with tips on how to communicate, network, and maintain a presence with recruiters.

Use our guide to boost your employability. Download it now:


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