Simply Law Jobs is proud to reveal that we have launched our first ever annual report for 2018!

The report covers data collected around jobseekers in the legal industry from our website in 2017-18, and was created to guide hiring managers with their recruitment strategy in 2019.

Our report contains insights like gender differences per role, job hotpoints, jobseeker motivations when searching for a new job, salary, growth in jobs advertised and sign ups, and category information.

We also sat down with CEO Ian Partington to get his view on 2018, and what lies ahead this year. Ian’s message is followed by a look in to the challenges recruitment has faced over the last twelve months, and we discuss the company’s approach to 2019 to combat them.

Ian said: “This is a first for us, and I’m really pleased with the end result. We wanted to be able to give recruiters an insight in to how or why jobseekers search for jobs, to help improve their own recruitment strategy.”

It’s a candidate’s market today, so if we want to attract and retain top talent, particularly the Millennial generation, we have to adapt our strategies to meet their needs – which is where data like this proves useful for anyone reconsidering their recruitment processes.”

If you would like a copy of the report, click the button below to download it for free:

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